Engetower hosted a meeting attended by Neoenergia’s engineers

On April 23rd, 2019 Engetower hosted a meeting attended by the engineers Pedro Vilela and Helber Oliveira of Neoenergia which is controlled by the Spanish Group Iberdrola that currently operates on eighteen different states in Brazil in several segments as Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Commercialization of electricity.
The outcomes of the mentioned meeting was the definition of a schedule and alignment on issues regarding the structure project of lots 2, 3 and 14 of the Transmission auction number 04/2018. It includes the 525 KV power-lines CD Rio – Lagos, Lagos – Campos 2, Campos 2 – Mutum terminals and 525 kV power-lines CS Povo Novo – Guaíba 3 and Capivari Sul – Siderópolis.
It was also presented the Engetower’s 3D modeling process of structures and the new online-integrated system for models visualization and project management.