Engetower papers selected for the XXV SNPTEE



Between November 10 and 13, 2019, Belo Horizonte is going to host the 25th edition of the National Seminar of Electric Power Production and Transmission – SNPTEE, the largest technical event in the Brazilian power sector.
The event takes place twice a year and it is sponsored by the Brazilian National Committee of Electric Power Production and Transmission – Cigré-Brazil. It aims to promote technical and managerial information and knowledge interchange between companies, entities and professionals working in the sector.
Engetower is going to present two technical bulletins in the seminar. The first one, called “TL structure design, fabrication and assembly in the Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things age”, presents a new process model proposed by the company in which designers, manufacturers and assemblers work in a more integrated way to explore the potential offered by the application of the BIM concept and its possibilities.
The second technical bulletin, “Artificial Intelligence applied to the design of transmission line structures”, presents results obtained by the company’s technology sector through the application of Artificial Intelligence concepts and resources such as Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms.
The papers were selected and approved by the event’s technical commission and are to be presented during the seminar in the scope of the Transmission Line Study Group.