Structure Working Group meeting of CIGRÉ Brazil’s Committee of Overhead Lines

On June 25th, 2019, It was held a Structure Working Group (GT-08) meeting that takes part in the CIGRÉ Brazil’s Committee of Overhead Lines (CE-B2). The meeting happened at the CR Contijo Engineering Office located at Belo Horizonte and was led by the leader of the mentioned working group, the Engineer Rogério Peixoto Guimarães.

Engetower’s engineers and representatives from other companies and institutions of the Brazilian electric sector such as CEMIG, SAE Towers, Projeletric, ISA CTEEP and Versátil Engineering attended the meeting hosted by CR Contijo.

It was discussed the following topics during the event:

  • The main contributions of paper works presented on the XVIII ERIAC;
  • The solutions and challenges of the Tocantins River Crossing Tower on the section 5 of the Xingu-Rio Terminal 800KV overhead power line;
  • The analysis of the application of the Brochura CIGRÉ 350 recommendation in the design of self-supporting and guyed towers;
  • Other topics of common interest of the group.